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Various Modules of Mass Infringement and the Crook who created them:


Back in 2008, I worked an art department gig for a Smashing Pumpkins video directed by a chap named, Justin Coloma. This fun palette of blacklight-friendly paint made up the backdrop for this video called G.L.O.W. for the band...I don't know if it got a lot of commercial exposure, but nonetheless, a fun lil' work day.

I took this video of Billy Corgan of the Pumpkins directing this gal who looked like Strawberry Shortcake at a rave in the back of a Hot Topic.

Nothing mind blowing...But I'm clearing up space on my computer and figured I had to put it somewhere...

(VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD says: Hey you's guy, put 'dat piece of video of that bald guy up on you's inter blog!)

FYI...I also wanted to let anyone know that the voice in my head sounds like a Brooklyn-accent of a hairy man in drag....

Anyways, I want to continue using this here's inter-blog-a-my-thingie to introduce people to other practicing artists out there....

And being this is the first time I have ever posted this new idea I am introducing a person I had the privilege of meeting this last year....

If you've seen WES CRAVEN'S New Nightmare you may remember this scene with actor Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) talking with Heather Langenkamp (Nancy from the Nightmares 1 & 3) on the phone about strange dreams and earthquakes.

If you have or have NOT, in this particular scene Robert's character is painting in his home studio. Low and behold, they are NIGHTMARISH images of Freddy & otherworldly demons...

....Blah blah blah, long story short, I had the privilege of being introduced to the very cool lady behind those monstrous designs.

She has worked in film and television on various projects ranging from Fight Club to Desperate Housewives to Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

The first time I met her and she told me about all the work she had created I was totally nerding out, because I knew exactly the work she had created in those films that I'd seen.

Her body of work goes beyond the material she has created for the entertainment industry. She recently showcased her series "Everyday Evolutionarys," at James Gray Gallery in the Bergamot Station located in Santa Monica, California.

Enough gabbing from me....

Ladies and Gentlemen, Linda Newman-Boughton!

To visit more of her work, check it out HERE:

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